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The title “observation essay” speaks for itself. It doesn’t raise any questions, what kind of essay it is and what it should tell about. Today, we will give you 6 non-obvious tips of writing a successful observation essay that catches reader’s attention. If you want to write a great paper, allocate enough time for work. You will have to rewrite and proofread your essay several times, try out several approaches and make sure that each sentence maximizes your idea.

Proper time management is a key component of successful essay writing

1. As soon as you get the task, start to prepare slowly. Keep a notebook with you and write down all the interesting thoughts that come to your mind. An entertaining lecture, a negative assessment of work, an interesting conversation with a friend, a journey, participation in a marathon, an exciting book – all this can provide food for thought and help you prepare material for an observation essay. Do not suffer in search of the original topic – just write down your observations. Very soon you will notice that you have accumulated enough material.

2. When the time is near to write an essay, gather information that will help to present your idea in a favorable light. Write interesting data and observations from the notebook, which you find the most interesting.

3. After receiving questions to the essay, do not rush to take up writing. Even if you have collected a lot of material, you may have difficulties. In the end, writing an observation essay is not so simple. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary thinking, try the following exercise: put the alarm at 3 am and ask yourself this question when you wake up. You yourself will be surprised what interesting thoughts come to your mind. Do this for several nights in a row – perhaps you will find several options for an answer or better think over a particular topic.

4. Before writing, decide which topics you would like to disclose in your observation essay. Relate them with questions and with the materials that you collected earlier. In such a way you will know for sure that you will tell in your essays about everything you wanted.

Follow your heart and you will succeed

5. Everyone works in their own way: for someone, it is easier to concentrate in the morning, for someone – at night. Someone first writes a draft on paper, someone immediately sits down at the computer. Make a plan taking into account how it is more comfortable to work for you. In general, one essay will take you about 40 hours: about the time you need to prepare, write a draft, proofread and edit. When you get started, make sure you have enough time. Write one essay at a time. Do not take leave and do not try to do everything in one week. It takes time for an interesting idea to evolve into a really good observation essay. Maybe you need six weeks, or maybe all twelve. Use all the time you have for the performing the task.

6. Many applicants strive for excellence, and this prevents them from working. They sit for hours at the computer, trying to compose the perfect essay, time after time rewrite the draft and in the end do not advance beyond several sentences. It is often easier to edit than to compose. So do not think – just write. Even if the text is not perfect, it’s better than the blank page.