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A dissertation is a serious scientific research, which is carried out in written form and has a qualifying character. As a result of the defense of the thesis, the applicant is awarded the academic degree of a master, candidate or doctor of science (depending on the type of work being defended).

Why do many scientists decide to order a dissertation?

The writing of dissertational work assumes a long scrupulous study of sources, long scientific research, testing, experiments and other labor-intensive activities. That is why the candidates are allocated at least a year for preparation. It seems that this is a long time. However, if we take into account the fact that many scientists combine work and scientific activity, it is very difficult for them to find time for everything at once. Some understand that they do not have time to do everything physically, which is why they decide to order a dissertation from professionals. Order of dissertation is a great way to save your time and energy. However, when choosing executors who provide such services, you need to be very careful: the future scientific career of the applicant depends to a certain extent on the outcome of their work.

What difficulties can you face when ordering dissertations?

Unfortunately, among the companies offering to write a dissertation, sometimes there are scammers. Such “experts” usually sale substandard or non-unique work to customers. Therefore, before you buy a dissertation, you need to learn as much as possible about the company that provides this service. Firms present on the market for less than 5 years should be avoided: the percentage of unscrupulous performers among their authors is usually too high.

In a professional company, specialists with the highest qualification – candidates and doctors of sciences, write scientific works. Writing dissertations for a special order for such authors is the main source of income, therefore they take their responsibilities very seriously. With such approach, you should not worry about the quality of the dissertation.

Why order of a dissertation in such a company is a good solution?

Order master’s, PhD or doctoral dissertation is convenient for several reasons:

– the company guarantees the uniqueness of each work;

– accompanies all the dissertations until the time of the defense;

– provides appropriate technical support for each work;

– provides official guarantees of the quality, timeliness and confidentiality of the provision of services.

Easy way to order and pay for dissertation

Employees and teachers of institutes and universities render services of preparation of scientific works and researches – doctoral and candidate dissertations, scientific articles, monographs, and assistance in the publication of scientific articles and the protection of the dissertation work.

Candidates and Doctors of Science will select a suitable topic for the dissertation, prepare a substantiation of the topic of the thesis (they will describe the relevance and novelty), and develop a plan for the dissertation. They will also prepare a concept of work that includes the relevance of the work, the purpose and objectives of the research, the object and subject of research, and the proposed scientific novelty.

The preparation of the concept of the work will be based on the analysis of a sufficient number of literary sources, as well as a clear understanding of the essence of concepts: goals and objectives, object and subject, scientific novelty. The work is carried out in stages, according to the chapters, which allows the competitor coordinate the material with the supervisor and take into account his wishes. The cost of preparing a dissertation, a scientific article or a monograph is the cost of a dissertation.

In accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, the dissertation should be written solely, contain a set of new scientific results and provisions put forward by the author for public defense. It should have internal unity and testify to the author’s personal contribution to science. The new solutions proposed by the author should be argued and evaluated.

According to the requirements for the dissertation (the availability of new scientific results and provisions), the volume of which is 150-200 pages, you would also the need to prepare and publish of articles that should adequately reflect the content of the dissertation. In addition, you would need to prepare an abstract that is not a shortened version of the dissertation, but should give full understanding of the work done by the applicant. Taking into account all of that, it is advisable to entrust this work to specialists who have extensive experience in the preparation of dissertations in the humanities.