Protection of the capstone project

Let’s say that you have already decided everything about the work plan and made preliminary entries to each of the subsections. You found all the necessary literature and sources, discussed all the details with the leader. Soon you will find yourself in front of several professors and other representatives of your department to prove to them that the result of your labors fully reflects you as a specialist in your field.
The commission will certainly not read the full text of the work, but you will want to hear your presentation about the main idea of your work. Your goal is competently and structurally, and most importantly, it is interesting to state all the necessary elements of the project. For greater persuasiveness, you can prepare an electronic version of the presentation. There are a lot of programs for this.
The student will have a total of 10 minutes on the overall presentation of the work. Presence of presentation does not mean at all that it should not be completely guided in the whole text of the work. He will have to answer the questions of the diploma commission, which will concern the whole text of the work. From the correctness and clarity of answers will depend on the evaluation of the thesis project.

Summary of the results of the capstone project

Of course, you have long been understanding how to write a diploma project at high college level, and without help of essay online services, as it does some students. All this was done only for the final result, which will be brought by the commission. As a rule, according to the standard scheme, the whole student group or a significant part of it is allowed to defend the diploma project. All students take turns in defense, and they are waiting for the teachers’ verdict.

What result do you expect? Naturally, this is a positive evaluation of your work. The leader in his review should indicate that the goal that was set before the graduate was achieved. That the result of his works gave definite results in the form of solving a problem. Perhaps, the question will be raised that your work can be used for any scientific purposes.

However, do not get upset if the result of your efforts will get an unsatisfactory evaluation. The main thing is that in your project you show that you knowingly paid attention to science for a long time, tried to get qualified knowledge and become a worthy specialist in your field. In any case, throughout your life, you will remember how you defended your own project written by you personally.